Here's where you'll find everything I couldn't fit anywhere else. Mostly this is a collection of non-fiction essays — embarrassing incidents, brushes with bureaucratic imcompetence, failed attempts at touching memoir. If you couldn't find what you were looking for in any of the other sections, chances are it's somewhere below.

Bats Enjoy Diving at my Face

The Most Embarrassing Incident of My Life

She's an Alcoholic

UPS: The Revenge! (cymbal crash)

The Humiliation Potential of Shaking a Black Man's Hand

UPS is the worst shipping service in North America

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An Entire Post Explicitly Devoted To Wiping My Ass

The Wrong Assholes

How To Break Your Arms and Legs


Can't We All Just Agree to Not Get Along?

Nourishing Your Inner Cynic with the Idiocy of Strangers

The Importance of Never Having Goals

I Built This City

The Biological Imperative

Descartes Blanche

Be Jay Pinkerton's Friend For Only $19.99!

Waiting on a Change

For three years I worked for a large staffing firm as a proposal writer. And for three years I wrote about it on a yahoo group my college friends and I kept in touch through.

Over the years, the yahoo group grew and grew — it's currently at something like 12,750 posts and growing.

So this is by no means comprehensive. But here's a small selection of the many anecdotes I told while working for my ridiculously incompetent company, from around September 2000 till September 2002.

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